MEDlove - your premier annual conference for Human-centered Healthcare Experience Design.

This conference is for all you creative minds, entrepreneurs, healthcare professionals and decision makers with an affinity for design and an interest in User Experience and Service Design in the context of healthcare.

MEDlove is for all those who see the need for redesigning healthcare. And by redesigning, we mean much more than just putting lipstick on the healthcare pig. Designers need to care. User Experience professionals need to care. Innovators need to care.

Anonymous patients are becoming networked users. With tiny computers in their pockets, they are always online, connected and taking care of their own business, usually much faster than their family doctor around the corner and definitely a lot faster than most insurance companies.

Networked patients move from being passive backseat passengers behind the steering wheel. They are taking their health into their own hands. Equipped with apps and smartphones, self-management is becoming the new healthcare model.

Design Thinkers, Service Design experts and User Experience professionals need to jump on the bandwagon, now! Bringing the human-centered design process, participatory design and many years of design research into healthcare is mandatory when refocusing from treating diseases to healing humans.

We need to help build human-centered services into daily healthcare routines. Join us in Berlin, meet the experts and learn from the best.